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A movement to rebuild a viable dairy economy for family farmers and rural communities.

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Dairy Price Stabilization Plan

Wisconsin Farmers Union commissioned Charles Nicholson of Cornell University and Mark Stephenson of University of Wisconsin-Madison to research market impacts of various supply management programs on the dairy industry.

The time is now.

Join Dairy Together in our work to rebuild a viable dairy economy for family farmers and rural communities!


In recent years, dairy news headlines have been dismal as volatile milk prices and a flood of milk on the market have contributed to a downward spiral in dairy prices and the quality of life for dairy farmers across the country. 


Over the last 10 years, the USDA recorded the loss of roughly 17,000 dairy herds, cutting the total number of U.S herds by nearly one third. 

Dairy farmers across the country are mobilizing in response to the current dairy price crisis. We are working on short- and long-term policy reform, supporting farmers’ engagement in their dairy cooperatives, and seeking solutions in the marketplace to improve dairy farm profitability.


We need to enact bold solutions to halt the loss of family dairy farms, but we can’t do it alone. Please join us!

A Farmer-Led Movement

Dairy Together is a farmer-led movement. We are pushing for federal policy that balances milk supply with profitable demand. We also support emergency measures to help farmers weather the current dairy price crisis, as well as market-based solutions to achieve higher prices.


Any federal supply management program must: 


  • Provide a fair price

  • Reduce price volatility

  • Address overproduction

  • Discourage consolidation

  • Allow for beginning farmer entry

  • Be National and Mandatory - no opt-out clause

  • Address import and export issues and inform smart trade policy 

  • Have meaningful farmer input in development, implementation, and governance


Building a Coalition

Dairy Together is building power in the policy and market arenas by creating a durable coalition of farmers, farm organizations, allied consumer and environmental organizations, and supply chain partners. The coalition consists of: 


  • Wisconsin Farmers Union

  • California Dairy Campaign

  • California Farmers Union

  • Farm Aid

  • Michigan Farmers Union

  • Pennsylvania Farmers Union

  • National Farmers Union

  • National Farmers Organization


Please contact if your organization or business would like to join the Dairy Together coalition.


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