If you would like to host a screening of the supply management video or any other meeting or event, contact Deb Jakubek at djakubek@wisconsinfarmersunion.com or 715-590-2130.


Upcoming Events

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Local leaders of the Wisconsin Farmers Union and Wisconsin Farm Bureau collaborated on a series of Dairy Together events around Wisconsin in March. The three sessions in Abbotsford, Cashton, and Chippewa Falls spurred good discussions about how the Dairy Revitalization Plan works and how it would impact farmers, consumers, and the dairy industry.

Upcoming Meetings

July 6th - Dairy Revitalization Plan Meeting - Michigan

10 AM to 1 PM, AgroLiquid, 3055 M-21, St Johns, MI.

Lunch will be provided. Register here.


July 12th-14th - Dairy Together Fly-in

Washington, DC. Email Bobbi Wilson (bwilson@wisconsinfarmersunion.org) for details).

Reach out to Dairy Together Coordinator Bobbi Wilson (bwilson@wisconsinfarmersunion.org) if you would like to host a meeting in your community or online.