Take Action


Nathaniel Rateliff holding a Dairy Together sign at a performance in Madison, WI.

We are building a farmer-led response to the current dairy price crisis. We are working on short- and long-term solutions at the federal and state policy levels, as well as supporting farmers’ engagement in their dairy cooperatives and the dairy check-off to find solutions in the marketplace. Join us as we rebuild a viable dairy economy for family farmers and rural communities!

  • Subscribe to the Dairy Together email list to receive monthly conference call announcements, email updates, and action alerts.

  • Join Monthly conference calls with dairy farmers across the country. Stay connected and discuss steps we can take to build support for a national policy to stabilize prices and balance supply with profitable demand. 

  • Watch this 13-minute video to learn about programs to improve dairy farm profitability while reducing taxpayer subsidies. 

  • Share the video link with anyone who might be interested: farmers, ag lenders, cooperative board members, implement dealers, crop consultants, veterinarians, animal nutritionists, rural small business owners, educators, and elected officials.

  • Share your thoughts with your members of congress! Click this link to find out who your congressional representative and two senators are. Call, write, and email them to share concerns about the state of the dairy economy and to demand action.

  • Attend a Town Hall or listening session organized by your U.S. Senators or Representative and speak in favor of dairy market stabilization.

  • Sign the Petition created by California Dairy Campaign to demonstrate widespread support across the country for a system that balances milk supply with profitable demand.

  • Join the #dairytogether Facebook group.

  • Use the #DairyTogether hashtag to keep this issue trending on social media.

  • Write a Letter to the Editor to highlight how you have been impacted by the dairy price crisis and call for reform. Contact your local newspaper for word limits and deadlines. WFU Communications Director Danielle Endvick can help with ideas and outreach: 715-471-0398 / dendvick@wisconsinfarmersunion.com.

  • Organize within your Co-op. Attend your dairy co-op annual meeting, connect with fellow members, run for committee or board positions, familiarize yourself with the policy resolution process. If you are interested in introducing a resolution in support of dairy supply management at your cooperative, contact Vivienne Kerley-de la Cruz: (608) 630-6484 / vivienne@wisconsinfarmersunion.com.