Supply Management & How It Can Save Our Rural Economy

Market Impacts of Various Supply Management Programs

In winter 2018/2019, Wisconsin Farmers Union commissioned Charles Nicholson of Cornell University and Mark Stephenson of University of Wisconsin-Madison to research market impacts of various supply management programs on the dairy industry. There were three versions of such programs that were introduced prior to the 2014 Farm Bill, and it is these programs that were considered for this study. This video is a brief summary of the research results and is about 13 minutes long, or you can watch the longer 40-minute video here.
You can also download a printed report with more details about the analyses.

Farmers Building Strength Together

Canadian Dairy Supply Management

In March, 2018, Dairy Farmers of Ontario Chair Ralph Deitrich and Vice Chair Murray Sherk visited Wisconsin to share their perspective on pros and cons of the Canadian dairy supply management program. Five forums were held around the state to highlight pros and cons of supply management and address whether elements of the Canadian system could be incorporated into the U.S. dairy industry to balance milk supply and demand. Note: we are not advocating for a Canadian-style quota system in the U.S.